The Cruelty of Swallows

The Cruelty of Swallows

McKenzie Jamison is bright and determined.  She stumbles into the world of semiconductors out of high school and falls in love with science and technology.  From there she has a front row seat to the dawn of the digital age while she navigates her course through a gender biased world.  She also meets and falls in love with her perfect match.  But this ideal world of challenge and fulfillment comes completely and utterly apart as a result of random chance.  It is the journey into her world, through her experiences and tragedy.  We are confronted with our own flaws, fears and the battle to maintain balance in a complex world of technology, human relations and the secret dialogue we all have with ourselves regarding life and death

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M. Rubenstein

Enter the world of scientific development, interspersed with beautiful, flowing imagery. This reader raced along with the words and the author, looking forward to each new and different chapter. The protagonist discovers the many parts of herself and the choices she has in her life after tragedy. A new and satisfying read from the author of Digger’s Izy!

P. Atwood

This story is of a protagonist who is fascinated by early electronics. She is an evolving participant in the transition to the digital world. On her journey, she becomes enthralled with the complex science and transdisciplinary integration of electronics and the human body. All the while we travel this technological path, we are discovering the spirituality of love and the mystery and reality of death as if they are intertwined. On the surface as I describe this, it sounds either dry or convoluted. But it is neither. It is lyrical and seductive, pulling the reader from word to word and event to event. Through these characters, we experience joy, devastation and epiphany. It’s a journey a light year away from where it begins and then lands bravely back on the planet earth.

B. Johnston

The Cruelty of Swallows is rich and immediate. It is relatable and opens up the subject of death to peer into both our fears, its finality and our fascination. This is an exciting work and indicates this author has a deep well of meaningful stories to share!

M. Fischer

The Cruelty of Swallows is beautifully written and brilliantly constructed throughout. It’s a very accomplished and intelligent contribution to the literary fiction genre. Perfect play on the metaphor throughout. The author is clearly talented! I liked it a great deal.

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